Making money from Premium Rate Numbers

Published: 29th September 2010
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Many people use Premium rate numbers as a micro payment system which can be conveniently accessed by the potential customers using their mobile or landline. Premium rate numbers are those numbers which are charged higher than the normal price as a payment for premium rate services provided along with the telephone number. Making money with Premium rate number is now becoming immensely popular amongst telecom business operators.

Those countries which do not provide the provision of domestic premium rate numbers, international solutions provide a doorway to charge the potential customers by calling on your premium rate number. These days, international premium rate numbers are truly much popular for charging the users for various services and content. These premium rate numbers are based on a pay-per minute system. Here, a service provider can charge his customer according to his desire for holding the line for a defined period.

Many companies offer a variety of solutions so as to set up a premium rate number industry of your own. You can either search online for such legitimate companies or create everything on your own. With the advent in technology, Internet has changed the faces of many businesses. You no longer need to advertise your business in magazines and newspapers. Using online advertising through the website, you can earn lots of revenue indeed at a fraction of the cost.

You can earn money through these premium rate numbers easily. You first need to decide which content you would like to provide your clients for which you will charge them. There are many options available nowadays ranging from the latest news, horoscopes, jokes, romantic messages, sports news updates, educational guidance, adult stories and many more. You just need to take into account the guidelines issued by the ICSTIS {Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services} otherwise for violation of their guidelines, they can initiate a legal action against you.

You can make a substantial amount of money after setting up this industry. You can earn up to $130 every day depending on the quality of service you provide. For any additional service which pays you somewhere around 50 cents, you can also earn a considerable amount of money. These days Premium rate SMS services are remarkably much in current news for creating healthy profit. Once a customer asks for a particular service, you can send them messages after each stipulated time interval, until the customer stops this service. One thing to be noted is that messaging services pays more than the call services.

You can start your own chat line or set up any informational line. Such things help in generating money using these premium services. You can use any emergency line also such as medical health line. Providing customers with the telephone numbers of those lines, which they can call at any time they want for professional help and advice, can generate a considerable amount of revenue. This can relieve patients from scheduling an appointment and then taking suggestions and advice. You can also earn healthy revenue using such line.

You just need to advertise yourself using a website or any heavy traffic website, so that you can establish yourself as a major telecom player in this telecommunications field. Premium rate numbers industry is not a new industry but it changes itself to adapt with the new genre; hence, you can make money using this industry in today's generation too.

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